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BLACK TERROR: Wednesday at the Diner. Written by Jeff McClelland, Drawn by Rafer Roberts (me).

Man, I enjoyed drawing these public domain superheroes as old farts a lot more than I should have. Thanks to Jeff for choosing me for the gig. This story will be backing up a future issue of Jeff’s TEDDY AND THE YETI series. Here’s a little but more about him:

Jeff McClelland can grow a beard that is both glorious and wonderful. Why he felt the need for two remarkably similar adjectives to describe a beard is unknown. He writes The Tick for New England Comics and is a writer and story editor on FUBAR, a book that is just what you’d expect from a name like that. Visit him in prison, at teddyandtheyeti.blogspot.com and at www.franksandbeansonline.com.”

Jeff McClelland & Rafer Roberts take us to infinity and (way) beyond!


Ever wanted a custom food-cat/animal or a donut version of yourself? Well today’s your lucky day!! 

I’m moving across the country next week and I’m realizing I need some heeeeeelp! So I’m offering commissions for either! 

$20 for either! Donut or food-animal. 

Email me at paulinaganucheau(at)gmail.com

Get a commission from Paulina! Do it for the following reasons…

1. They’re cute.

2. She’s awesome.

3. A combination of cute and awesome! (for only $20 shekels)

The Art of Coloring Comics is now here at comiccolor.com!


I’m very pleased to have moved my online coloring course right here to comiccolor.com! Thanks to my new friends at Thinkific for helping to make that happen.

It’s still running at the introductory rate of $49. That’s 15 comprehensive lessons with more coming soon at no additional cost. See the link above for details or visit learn.comiccolor.com for a free trial lesson on coloring with special effects!


Kurt is a seriously talented colorist, so if you want to learn how to color like he does I’d strongly consider signing up for his “Art of Coloring” classes.


Quite often I start things and never finish them, art-wise. I sketch a lot of things I hate and things I just stop caring about, usually in Manga Studio. But here’s a bunch of that stuff. It was either done on printer paper with a mechanical pencil or in manga studio/photoshop. I currently am not at a point where I feel super comfortable working digitally or traditionally, but at least with digitally, I have a better sense of control over the final result. 

Also, I would kill to do a Fast and Furious comic.

And now I’d kill to see Kendall do a Fast & Furious comic.


Here are the five pages and cover from a pitch project Mike Exner (http://mikeexner3.tumblr.com/) and I put together at the end of last year and early this year. It was a great collaboration, and here’s the end result, for now.

The artist — Kendall Goode — that I worked with on a pitch titled Villain Takes All recently put up the finished pitch pages! They’re gorgeous to look at. I did the writing, and Kendall did everything else on the pitch. The man is a machine!



It’s free comic book day! Have a free comic book.

BOOM! Studios put this silly little Regular Show comic I made in their free comics sampler this year. And since they’re giving it away, I can’t get in too much trouble for also giving it away… right?

Go get a free print copy at your local comics shop! And HAPPY FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!


Reblogging because in my brilliance I somehow deleted the original post…

Good. Funny. Free. COMICS!